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Hello fellow RN-BSN students or prospective students! I thought I would start a new topic for the March session. I'm a new Chamberlain student and will be taking NR 351 Transitions in Professional Nursing to ease back into the... Read More

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    I just started in May and getting ready for the math placement. I am really getting stressed just thinking about it. I am severely math challenged and I am really worried about it. Any one give me any pointers?
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    Chamberlain gives you a link to a good prep course for math prep for the placement test. I am reviewing it now and am waiting to take my math class until sept 2013
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    I am going to take the NR 443 community health, has anyone taken that course yet??
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    i just completed community health and it was quite easy. no biggie with that class. in july i start motivation and leadership a devry class
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    Hi There!

    I'm new to Chamberlain and will start in Sept with 1 class, Transitions
    In Nursing. I read on a thread somewhere that the book is useless. Any recent
    experiences. I don't want to need the book and not have it. I live in Belgium
    so I can't get anything quickly, lol. Also, I've seen mention
    of book rentals. Where is this done generally or where is recommended?
    I've never rented a textbook. Thanks! I'm excited but nervous to be
    a student again after a long break!
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    You will definitely need the APA book. The textbook is needed but I would suggest renting its much cheaper.
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    This is a huge help! Hello everyone, I start school in Sept! I've done all of my prereq's with the exception of logical and critical thinking. My first classes are Nur101, Nursing informatics, and another one I can't remember. I'm excited although I have to wait until Jan for my first lab and clinicals! Thanks for heads up on Nursing Informatics.

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