Chamberlain College of Nursing Rn-BSN Jan 2013

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    I will be starting in jan 2013. who else is? My advisor ***** is so nice. i only have to take 9 classes. the 1st class i will take it by itself and after that i will double up. if i do that it will be a 9month program for me. i am sooooo excited. if anyone is starting in jan please let me know so we can be study buddies if you need one.
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    Hi I am starting in January as well I am doing 12 courses start with transitions and SOCS-350. I am nervous this is my first time doing an online course I will be finished in December 2013. Keep in touch
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    I've been lurking on this forum for awhile. I am also starting in January. Luckily I only have 33 credits to complete since I did most of it before. Still need to complete a couple things with admissions, but already excepted. Yes, keeping in touch would be good.
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    cool. will keep in touch
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    I will start in January as well.
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    Hi! I'm wondering how it's going? I've been researching online RN-BSN programs and this one looked real good. Any comments? Thanks!
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    So far so good. I am just taking one class right now and one class starts in March. Afterwards I would start taking two classes.
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    I started in jan. I'm enjoying soc-350. I'm tweaking my research paper. APA format a little confusing. I've been out of college for 20 years.
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    How hard is the class and how long is the research paper? Are you taking anything else along with this class?
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    I also started in Jan. So it's not that bad. Just follow rubric and do your post you will be fine