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has anyone attended or is currently attending chamberlain college of nursing in atlanta? if so, how is it? any info would be greatly appreciated. i am currently attending a technical college and have done all of my pre requisites... Read More

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    excuse my grammar ... I am typing on my smart phone..and it has mind of its on sometimes

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    Tammie32 they count Math and Reading
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    Okay, thank you for your quick response ...please enlighten me and share your progress when you start... have a happy thanksgiving
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    I will. You have a Happy Thanksgiving also!!!
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    Well, the admission selection committee meets again tomorrow evening. I wonder who will get good news this week?
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    focus more on the vacabs as well is so hard didn't do good on there but had 90 on math so it helped me passed it.
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    across metro atlanta, a girl i know says she been to st joseph and northside which is right across the block..
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    if you don't mind me asking this where they do clinicals ??
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    yeah and lots of other hospitals as well it varies.... They very well organized and must say we should all give it a try.
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    Just received the call. I was accepted into the January class! Super excited and ready to do this thing!
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