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has anyone attended or is currently attending chamberlain college of nursing in atlanta? if so, how is it? any info would be greatly appreciated. i am currently attending a technical college and have done all of my pre requisites... Read More

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    @viv4christ Congrats on passing!! Pleaaseee keep us updated with the process from here forward!
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    Thx Kaypo @viv woooohoooo!!! Congrats!!!

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    congratulations I wish you all the best in your nursing journey. I am in the process of transferring to Atlanta tech to finish up on my A&P 2 and then plan on attending Chamberlain in May of 2013... Good luck I wish everybody great success
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    Thank guys... @kaypo I will keep ya updated. Just waiting to get my acceptance and all.
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    Does anyone know the exact prerequisites needed to transfer with?
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    @NHA2BSN Thank you that was so helpful!!
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    Just wanted know if anyone is attending early registration tomorrow at 10am. Just wanted to see who will be joining me!!!!!! Super excited.......
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    I had to work, but please let me know how it went. I am scheduled to take Chemistry, Philosophy, and a nursing course. I will definitely be at the next one if one comes before the routine registration period because I need to know my schedule!
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    Hi Everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that I GOT ACCEPTED!!!! I'm so happy things are finally coming together. Can't wait to meet everyone in January!
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