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has anyone attended or is currently attending chamberlain college of nursing in atlanta? if so, how is it? any info would be greatly appreciated. i am currently attending a technical college and have done all of my pre requisites... Read More

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    Quote from Nurse2b7337
    Did you guys study from the Hesi a2 or just the Hesi???
    Hesi A2.
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    Nurse2b7337, pm???
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    Teah8177, I tried replying to your message but it didn't let me, saying I am new to the site.Sorry
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    Quote from Linzg01
    I have an associates degree in science ,so my math,English ,science subjects were transferred but I still have a couple of classes to take.Thanks akilah530 and Teah8177.When do you guys start?
    I started in September.
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    Good for you akilah530 ,how is the program like?
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    Linzg01 sorry about that I meant can you Private Message me about total costs!!
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    Nurse2b7337 Will do after I meet with them.
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    Thanks so much!!
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    No problem
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    Did anyone attend open house, if so what was your thoughts?