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Hi I just got accepted in chamberlain addison and will be starting in September semester. I just have a couple of questions. One: When are they going to call me again to set up for my physical exam.... Read More

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    Has anyone heard what the exact deadline is for admissions to let us know acceptance/rejection by?
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    Yes! Just talked to my advisor today and they will notify everyone before July 15! So far away!!! Hahahah
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    Oh man july 15th!!! that's almost 2 months lol. Just want you guys to know, if I got in the program, that means you guys will too. I don't have a high GPA, and my HESI was only 84%. So I woudn't worry about it if I were you guys
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    I have the same advisor as him and she told me 2-4 weeks, so that's the middle of June. I also read people who apply In May were called back in June.