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  1. 0 HI everyone!

    I was wondering if anyone attends the Addison campus at Chamberlain? If so, are classes flexible? I work during the day for a doctor and I'm trying to find a program that will be flexible with class times and so forth so I won't miss much.

    Thanks! (ps, this is my first post) haha

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    Hi Stephanie! I am a student at Chamberlain in Addison! I believe that some of the gen Ed courses have evening class times. However, once you start your main nursing courses you have classes on average 4 days a week. Before you start your cohort you have about 10 different scheduling options and you rank them. I got my first choice, but I know many students that didn't. There are no classes that start in the evening. I know many professors suggest that students cut back on their work hours during the first 2 cohorts which are: pathophysiology/ health assessment/fundamentals and med-surge/pharmacology.

    I hope this helps! Let me know if I can answer any more of your questions!
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    Thanks! That makes sense. Hopefully most of my credits will transfer. I'm sort of wary about the cost though :-/
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    Although when I do that calculator cost it gives $10k for room and board which sort of confused me lol
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    Yea I'm sure that's not accurate. I would just focus on how much it costs a credit hour because they always add in room, board, and books when factoring your financial aid.