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Hi, I wanted to know why did you fellow CRNA's choose to become a "CRNA"...was it worth it?...and once you finished school, got hired, did any of you ever regret going to school for it?...Im looking... Read More

  1. by   linnusik
    It depends on the school which gpa is more important, but generally your nursing gpa, is important, your science gpa is important and then your overall. My science grades SUCK! but my nursing gpa was a 4.0, so it pulled everything up. When you apply to schools if you have a good nursing gpa you can rationalize that you finally found what you wanted to do and thats why your grades are so much better, also i retook biochemistry and physics after nursing school when I was already a nurse so that i could be more competative, some schools require a good background in those classes. I did get good grades in those classes. Honestly bust your ass in nursing school and a good gpa will pay off whether or not you go to crna school or not. Even job hunting will be much easier. Hope that this helps.
  2. by   silverice
    I'm a perspective CRNA student. I'm very afraid that when I come out I will not be able to find a job at NYC. How's the job outlook for CRNA in NYC?