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University of Southern Cal. students, help!

  1. 0 I'm trying to structure an undergraduate curriculum that pays heed to USC's admission requirements, but their website info is a bit general, and I was wondering if anyone could help elaborate...

    At their school website, USC states: "...Satisfactory completion of the following college level classes; statistics, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, biology, anatomy, physiology, physics and English."

    I'll have anatomy, physio, microbiology, English, and statistics under my belt (as is the usual curriculum), but I was wondering, how much of inorganic, organic, and biochem do I need? A semester of each...a year of o-chem...etc? Also, For physics, will an introductory course suffice, or does it have to be with a lab component? Any clarification is greatly appreciated!
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    Hi Arubi
    I am also applying to USC. I contacted them about the physics class. I think the web site said it didn't have to have a lab. I am taking a basic physics class online. I e-mailed the course description to the office manager and she said it was the right course. I would try them if you have any questions. They were very helpful with my questions.
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    Thanks for replying, Jma. I'm glad a basic physics course with suffice.

    Do you know how much of inorganic, organic, and biochem I need? I'm assuming these are all separate courses, and not just concepts covered in a general chemistry class.
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    Are you only applying to USC??? Why did you choose USC?
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    Oh, no, I just wanted some clarification on admission requirements is all.
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    Physics can be VERY basic, i did this distance course and it was so easy and usc accepted it ..... just double check because that was 2 years ago.

    Also, your courses from you bsn should include all of the standard chem courses required of sc.
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    For the "biology" component listed in their prereqs, is that microbiology, or is that a separate college-level bio course in addition to micro?

    Also, the chem courses required for my BSN are chem 410 (inorganic) and chem 420 (organic/biochem). These are, of course, different from the chem courses a premed would have to take. Is that similar to what you took, too, miloisstinky?
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    no one in my class, including myself, had to take any additional chem courses, they were all covered by the BSN, several of us did have to take physics, which i guess is not standard with the BSN. This is sufficient, email Dr. Gold, the director if you have very specific questions, she is great and quick to respond.

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