Stamina, fitness & CRNA stress--how do you manage? - page 3

What steps do you take to remain healthy and fit so you can adequately handle the stress of the CRNA responsibilities and maintain the stamina that's required? Thanks!... Read More

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    From that weblink article I read, "According to the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, out of 14,835 nationally, only 305 anesthetists are black. Of those, nine blacks are practicing in New Jersey. "

    Is there really only about 15K people practicing? On the AANA website it says there are over 30K. How many anesthetists are graduating each year? I thought I saw about 2000/year in another thread?

    Does anyone know the truth about each figure (#practing & # graduating) each year?
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    I don't know the answer to the above post, but back to the flexability questions- a good quad/ hamstring stretch in the elevator or calves against the tire wall of the car before driving etc helps me!
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    yeah, stretching is good.... worked out legs last wk - couldn't walk right for 4 days...not a good idea!!
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    Everyone I know in my class has gained weight, experienced depression, anxiety, headaches or frequent sickness. Mostly from stress but also lack of exercise, lack of sleep and poor diets (no $$).
    Theres always the weekends for exercise i guess but i do need to clean, groceries and see other human beings for my sanity.
    you have to compromise. and you need to learn to de-stress. my advice is to make friends with classmates. they give great advice on CRNA preceptors but its also nice to have people to vent to and they understand. and of course of the feeling of comradery
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    Quote from yoga crna

    Anesthetists have to find a outlet for stress somewhere; some drink, do drugs, overeat, etc--exercise is healthier.

    By the way, I am over 65 and have been doing anesthesia almost 44 years and the stresses of the profession are still there, so learn how to deal with them early.

    Yoga CRNA
    Interesting that you say that...I just had an interview for a CRNA program and one of their first questions was how do I handle stress and what is my outlet for reducing stress. For me it is my animals (including riding my horses, which counts as exercise in my book)

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