St. Mary's University CRNA starting in 2014

  1. 0 Got an email to interview today! Anyone else?
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    still waiting... you heard via email? I have been stalking my mailbox for three weeks - guess I'll start serial refreshing my gmail-box too!
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    Hi! Yes I got an email yesterday with a form attached with a bunch of dates. They told me to pick two dates, scan it and send it back. I bet you hear today!! I wonder how many they interview?
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    I called the office of admissions today - they said they sent emails out yesterday for interviews and rejection letters out 3 weeks ago by mail. So either my rejection letter got lost or I got missed on the email list! Lets hope its the latter - haha. The person I need to speak with to sort it out won't be in the office until Monday. It's going to be a long weekend! Congrats you two!
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    Hey everyone,
    I recieved an interview invitation via email. I read on the website they invited 74 out of 170+ applicants. It looks like 7 students from last years waiting list are automatically in for the class of 2014. One of my co-workers is starting in the class of '14 and he said the interview was laid back and approx. 30 min. Good luck to everyone!
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    My interview isn't until June! How will I wait that long??
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    Everyone all finished interviewing? The suspenseful waiting begins again!
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    Still haven't interviewed, I think I must be on the last day! How did it go???
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    it was fine - like CortnyRN said... about 40 min, 1 on 1, and pretty laid back. good luck, you'll do great!
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    Ok. Mary said they meet on Friday to discuss... I wonder if we'll get a letter or another email???
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    i'm guessing letter!
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    I can't take the wait! At the end of the interview they told me they were "splitting hairs" at this point. Kinda felt like an apology. I'm really nervous I didn't get in...
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    Best of luck to you! I'm also (im)patiently waiting to hear if I got in or not!

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