Questions about USC and Kaiser So. Los Angeles CRNA schools

  1. I am looking into applying to CRNA programs in the Southern California area. Are there only two accredited programs (Kaiser and USC)? Also, what does your GPA have to realistically be to be considered for entry being that the programs are so competitive? Those who were accepted, what science, nursing and overall GPA did you have? I understand the minimum overall is 3.0. But, I think those few who are selected would probably have a lot higher? Do you think admissions/interviewers look at what school(s) you graduated from? Will they look at what ADN school I transferred from (I transferred from an ADN to BSN program)?
    Thank you for your help.
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  3. by   catcolalex
    there is also samuel merrit in the bay area. I went to kaiser and the average gpa was 3.5. Kaiser likes not only to look at grades but what kind of person you are, not just some book worm robot.
  4. by   APwips
    I'm in the Kaiser program and I would say the GPA's are mostly from 3.6 and up. However, there are some people with lower GPAs. My GPA was around 3.8 and I was probably the average. Catcolalex is right. This program puts a lot of weight on the interview. They have so many qualified applicants, they get to choose the students that they feel "mesh well" with their program. This is really a great program and I wouldn't hesitate to apply here. The faculty are great and really support you once you begin. As long as your school is accredited, then I don't think it matters where you went to school. There are lots of students who started with their ADN. I even think our director started that way. Your CCRN is another thing you could get. I did it, but there are lots of people who got in who didn't. Good luck.
  5. by   Feelingfine
    Hello APwips, I am curious to how your CRNA at Kaiser is going. I am applying by the end of this Month and would really like to keep in touch with someone that has "walked that path". Regards, T