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Can anyone help me find a school for CRNA ? I have looked at about all of them(AANA page= 95 schools) and quite frankly I'm getting dizzy! I have : 13 years as an EMT 6 years as a Nat. Reg. Paramedic ACLS,... Read More

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    [QUOTE=karengr]Check out the Charleston Area Medical Center (CMAC School of Nurse Anesthesia) at www.camcinstitute.org/anesthesia/admission.htm . They require a minimum overall GPA of 2.8 and are located in West Virginia. They require a minimum combined score of 860 on the GRE. . .

    Check out Old Dominion University CRNA program in Hampton Rds area of VA. Their site says: "Overall GPA 3.00 based on a 4.00 scale- we will look at trends for those who were not focused in their early years of study"

    Again, if your GPA is below 2.9, take a couple classes and get A's. Good Luck!

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    I don't think GPA is the only factor. I think the total package is more important. I heard of a school who accepted a student with a 2.7 gpa even though they wanted a 3.0. He just happened to have the other things they were looking for.
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    Quote from traumacrna
    Swimmingduck, I attend Samuel Merritt College's CRNA program and I do not believe we offer a 6 month certificate program. Anesthesia principle classes have to be taken along with pathophysiology classes and pharmacology classes and we must not forget the OR time that has to be met. You have to have X amount of cases and hours completed.
    I am starting the Samuel Merritt CRNA program this fall, I was wondering if you had any words of advice...good or bad.I generally hear from current SRNA that I should enjoy life before the program starts. Someone told me I should freshen up on anatomy/physilology/patho...
    Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    CRNARAY or is it Ray? I am Ramon. Look, you will be studying your %ss off for the next 27 months, my advice, have fun, enjoy yourself. You don't want to burn out. Everything you'll need to know for the first semester they will teach you. I.e. gross anatomy is fun, theory is painful, but's it's a four day weekend intensive, pharmacology from what I here isn't bad and principals in anesthesia is just a lot of reading and studying. I am a three year student, so I just finished my first year and got the core classes out of the way. I will be in class with you in pharm and principals, let me know if I can help with anything.


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