1. Any fairly new grad Kaiser CRNAs? I would love some in depth info that separates Kaiser from other anesthesia programs. Ive looked on their website and it is rather bare. Thank you!
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  3. by   anesthesia_insomniac
    I graduated from Kaiser 2 years ago. I can obviously only compare my experience with the opinion of other CRNAs I have talked to about their programs.

    -The Kaiser faculty is great and very supportive. They want to see their students succeed and have positive morale instead of making school a miserable experience.

    -Tuition cost is around half of most other programs. Yes, you have to live in LA but a least there is relatively no travel outside of SoCal for rotations.

    -When training at a Kaiser facility you are really the only "trainee". There are no surgical residents which means you can get many cases in a day.

    -You rotate bw many different facilities. This means you get a wide variety of experience in how different every hospital operates and different approaches to anesthesia. I feel this prepares you to be more flexible when starting your CRNA career as opposed to only being at 1-2 hospitals during training.

    Hope this helps
  4. by   Ibelieveinme
    If you work for Kaiser before or after you apply, will they pay for school or do they have a tuition reimbursement program?
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    I meant before you apply or after you graduate from KPSAN.
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    Thank you for the info thus far