Help please. CRNA to shadow in Southern California?

  1. Hello there,
    I am wondering if there any CRNA's anywhere in SoCal that will let me shadow him/her for a day. I have an upcoming interview for a Nurse Anesthesia program upnorth at the end of the month and I wanted to shadow one before the interview. I know this might be a late notice but I would really appreciate any help or lead me to where I can shadow someone. I am willing to drive all over Socal or even upnorth if I have to. Experience wise, I have worked in SICU/Nuero-trauma for the past 3 years and now doing open hearts in SICU. Unfortunately, we do not have CRNA in our facility. If there are kind hearted CRNA's that will let me shadow, it would be a great help..Thank you in advance.

    PS. I am located in Ventura County, distance would not be an issue. Willing to drive to any facility from central ca to LA, SD etc... Thanks again!.
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