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I applied last summer to start the CRNA program June 2012. Unfortunetly I received a letter stating that I was an alternate, meaning if someone drops out I could be chosen. I pretty much had written off going to that school.... Read More

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    @17innswood: I go to Midwestern in AZ. I hope you accepted! CRNA school is life changing, there's no doubt about that. But if you got in, why wouldn't you go?? Good Luck to you!

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    Just doubting my abilities, worried that I won't pass the classes, I don't know why? I accepted so no turning back now!!!
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    @ smc99

    I did accept. Looking at the books we need. Would your recommend getting all the required books? I know that there are older editions in the library. Do you think those would work? Are there certain books you use alot and would definetly recommend on getting?

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