1. Let's come up with some clinical questions everyone.
    I'm going to make up a case. Everyone put in your 2 cents. Then someone else come up with another one. Sound fun?
    MMMMM, let's start easy.
    Pt is a 77 year old man. COPD, DM II uncontrolled, alcoholic. Today is Saturday. Pt fell and broke his his on Wednesday.
    What is your plan. Give details. Have fun with this. (Experienced CRNAs and students welcome) Have some fun and add other variable to consider.
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  3. by   stanman1968
    If coags good DAB, LEA, orlumbar plexus block. Pretty straitforward. What if patient has platlet count 40,000 and elevated LFT's and elevated pt ptt and INR?
  4. by   Qwiigley
    Good Stanman. Can you explain your abbreviations in case a SRNA is reading please. Thanks!