3.35 GPA good enough?

  1. Howdy everyone. I had a 3.4 political science undergrad GPA. I had to retake 2 classes to get that GPA. Flunked a couple classes as a freshman d/t party time. I retook them and wound up with 3.4 GPA. Would be 3.1 or so without the retakes.

    Then when to nursing school an accellerated BSN and got a 3.35. I got all As in my science prereqs (AP, MIcro, CHem, etc).

    I understand that GRE is important but feel if I brush up on the math I will do above average. Im pretty good at math and very good at literature things.

    Do you guys think I could have a shot or is the GPA gonna make it difficult? Thanks
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  3. by   Class2011
    If you do very well on the GRE (I'm not really sure, but think that means > 1200), that can make up a lot for a lack luster GPA. Either way, I think you can get in if you round out your application with good ICU experience, good references and a few sides like leadership positions or teaching experience or ...
  4. by   Jdog19s
    yah, im in with a 3.31 gpa and a 1200 GRE- go for it!
  5. by   Luckygirl3
    Absolutely it is! It takes you out of the running of a few of the most competitive schools, but you have a great shot at all of the others! Especially with really high grades in the science classes.

    If you're trying to figure out which schools you have the best chance applying to, go to http://www.all-crna-schools.com. For many of the schools, it will tell you how many people apply vs. how many they accept. I've found that the cheapest schools, the biggest schools, and the crna schools that are the only ones in the area are the most competitive. The west coast, for instance has a very large population and very few schools to choose from. They're all really competitive for that reason.

    Florida, on the other hand, has 9 schools to choose from - they're a little easier to get into - so I've heard.

    Hope that helps.