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I had applied a few weeks ago for a master program in CNM/WHNP. Am going crazy waiting for a reply! Anyone else going through this waiting period? Anyone else want to cry with not knowing what your future will bring, or when?... Read More

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    Georgetown says they only accept about 35% of those who apply. I did not have L&D experience - just a final clinical for my BSN for about 8 weeks on L&D. Not sure what my references said about me. And only 1.5 years nursing experience in rehab and LTC. I think that my essay was pretty solid. The admissions counselor seemed to really like what I had submitted. I have attended a slew of schools in the past (BA in business management and BSN), but none were prestigious. My video was okay, I think, but nothing special. Got in by the grace of God, maybe? This was why I became a nurse in the first place. NEVER wanted to work LTC or even ICU or surgery. Only wanted to be a midwife. So thankful I am getting my chance after so many years (I am turning 45 soon!).
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    Dalla, Thanks so much for your reply. It's great just to be able to hear about someone's experience and background that actually was accepted. I'm so happy for you that you are pursuing your dream! It's very inspirational to me

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