U.K Midwife and nurse needs help

  1. Hi i am a registered nurse and midwife from the U.K. Most of experience is in all areas of Midwifery. Labour/ delivery, pre and postnatal, neonatal, research, audit.Hospital and community experience.
    I moved to Houston from Scotland in January06 and have now just managed to send my completed application into the texas nursing board for a Texas Nursing Licence. This is the first step I'll then need to sit the Nclex exam . However my heart is in Midwifery I would love to get a licence to practice here as a nurse midwife however it seems impossible. I have RGN RM and a Bsc in Midwifery and 16 years all round experience, I have been told i need a masters to be a nurse midwife .
    Does anyone have any ideas. Also are there any British midwives out there who are practising as such in Texas?
    Any info would be most welcome.
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  3. by   midwife2b
    I currently work with an Australian and a UK RN, both trained as midwives. They both are in school working on their masters degrees. They were told that was their only option.