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local university vs. Fronteir

  1. 0 Hi, I have some questions regarding my Masters. I actually want to go the family nurse practitioner route, but saw there were alot of comments on Frontier. I think I'd love to do primary care and have some ability to incoorporate my natural/"hippie" side.

    I'm an associate degree RN. I have a year of experience as an LPN, and a couple years as an aide while I was in school. I recently applied to Concordia University, since they have an ADN to MSN program, and it's all on line and I don't think I have to screw around too much with finding clinicals/preceptors. Concordia transfers my ADN really well.

    Today, during my health assessment for a new position on a medical floor, the nurse suggested looking into Frontier. I had never heard of it, but saw it was ranked high when I looked it up. Is the money worth this school? How rigorous is it? Does it ultimately matter where you get your degree from, in regards to finding work/pay/passing national exam?

    I will be working as a .6 and working on the side independently. I am divorced with 2 grade school age children. Would love to hear some thoughts on this.
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    My experience has been that it does not matter what school you attend or your GPA. As long as you have your license and are certified, employers don't know the difference.