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Roll call and discussion for all of us applying to Frontier Bound spring term 2013. I haven't submitted anything but I'm so excited. Anyone else?... Read More

  1. by   emsguy
    I got into class 115 cfnp! Got email this morning. Good luck all!
  2. by   Annsexyone
    Congrats, I told you that you would make it. Hope to see you there. Elouise
  3. by   EmilyProulx
    I got wait-listed.... ugh!! Hopefully I'll get in but waiting even more is KILLING me!
  4. by   arayRN
    Does anyone know if there are cost relate to frontier bound? Also just curious as to who you used as references.
  5. by   Annsexyone
    575 for frontier bound fee and 100 for BT fee. I used manager of my unit, the nurse educator and a co-worker.
  6. by   midwifetobe85
    Quote from arayRN
    Does anyone know if there are cost relate to frontier bound? Also just curious as to who you used as references.
    Hi arayRN,

    I went directly through school and did not work as a nurse (5 years doula/CBE experience) and therefore used nursing instructors for all 3 refs. Two were clinical instructors who could comment on my clinical performance and one was a nurse-midwife who taught a class of mine and who had met w me several times to chat about midwifery. She knew I was driven, passionate and deeply committed to the profession.
  7. by   arayRN
    575 i bet our financial aid wont cover that either, bc its before school starts. plus the cost of getting to kentucky. What all does the 575 cover. have they sent you any information about the cost yet?
  8. by   midwifetobe85
    Hi arayRN, yea unfortunately financial aid doesn't become available until a few weeks into the first semester (which generally starts a month of so after Frontier Bound). Maybe start saving now? The $575 covers everything - room and board. If I understand correctly, you'd only need more money for FB if you wanted to spend money in the school store/gift shop. You do have to also take into account the $100 for Banyan Tree - the short online course which must be finished and paid for before Frontier Bound. Which class did you apply for? Your FB would be several months away right? Maybe figure out how much you'd need to put aside a week over the next few months so that you'll have it when you *hopefully* get in? I'm trying to figure out how I'll pay for my living costs since the federal aid won't be enough for both. Aye, why can't this all be more affordable?!
  9. by   arayRN
    Thanks for all the helpful information. Well I originally applied for 118, but I emailed them and said my packet will be complete in time for the 116 class since they extended it until may 29. I just graduate with my rn, bsn so I'm waiting on one last transcript. This is as much anxiety if not more that I had waiting on nursing school decisions. I probably need to stay off the Internet and work a much as possible the next few weeks.
  10. by   strongcoffee
    applied for class 115, was told I'm on a wait list but unsure how far down the chain how about you?
  11. by   arayRN
    Packet sent today! Let the countdown begin.
  12. by   scrubnurse
    I am pretty sure they can take Frontier Bound payment out of your student loan money. I don't remember having to come up with $500. Call the financial aid office at Frontier and ask. Good luck everyone!
  13. by   Mary C
    So how far is everyone in their programs?

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