Employer perception of online CNM programs?

  1. Hello all! I am currently a PhD student in public health who wants to become a nurse. I plan to begin taking the prerequisites for nursing in the fall, and begin an accelerated BSN program or BSN/MSN program 2-3 years from now. I have about half of them and just need the science courses (A&P, micro, chemistry I & II, nutrition, and lifespan development).

    I was wondering - how do employers perceive online CNM programs such as those at ECU, Stony Brook, Georgetown? I live in NY where there are several CNM programs in close proximity (Columbia, NYU, Stony Brook) but I'd also like the option of applying to Georgetown, since their program is a combined WHNP/CNM program. I also don't know if I'll still be in New York after I finish my BSN; my fiance and I plan to move once he finishes his own degree. Do employers respect the online programs as much as the non-online? Is it all about the board certification in the end?
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  3. by   midwife228
    I can't answer for employers as a group but I can tell you that my degree is from Stony Brook and I was never questioned about it in job interviews. I have worked in private practices and now am in a hospital L&D staff position; matter of fact, all of the midwives who work with me are also Stony Brook grads. I think a combined CNM/WHNP program would also be a plus; I can be licensed as a WHNP based on my midwifery education - but only for working in New York State. I think you would get a lot more GYN education in a combined program.