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  1. Has anyone here ever applied to Frontier with doula experience instead of RN experience? If so, what kind of documentation do they require at the time of application?

    I am planning on emailing Frontier also, but since I never received an response from the last email I sent, I thought it might be a good idea to ask this question here also.
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  3. by   doulalove
    Yes! I am a new nurse (graduated in August) and will be heading to Frontier Bound next month!

    I have been a doula since 2006, and shadowed a CNM at her home birth practice during nursing school to present. She is actually going to be my preceptor during the midwifery program.

    The documentation depends on which track you are applying to. I applied to the MSN program with a bachelor's in another field, so I had to create a portfolio where I thoroughly addressed all of my birth-related experiences. You will also make a curriculum vitae that will document doula work as well. But as far as proof of doula training or anything like that, that is not required.

    Good luck to you!
  4. by   mcsale02
    I would love to hear the response that you receive from Frontier. I'm working on my prereq's now, and hope to use experiance as a doula, lc, or cbe to help fulfill the experience requirement.
  5. by   nskilly
    I, too, graduated in August with my BSN. It was a second-career program and I have been a doula since 2009 as well. I was hoping to apply to Frontier's MSN CNEP program asap, but was discouraged by the fact that they want 1 year RN experience (Not that I mind giving it, I'm just ready to get started on my path to midwifery!). I had a baby in the fall, so am just starting work as an RN in April. Besides your doula work and home-birth shadowing, have you been working as an RN as well since graduation?

    Upon emailing admissions, they indicated that 8-10 months experience as an RN would potentially be acceptable in addition to having worked as a doula, but I am not sure if this means 8-10 months of work until I can apply, or until the program would actually start (i.e: Frontier Bound).

    Did you graduate with your BSN or ADN? I also have a bachelor's in another field, but have my BSN, so I do not think the portfolio is applicable for me. Who did you use for your references, if you don't mind me asking? I am curious of clinical instructors are acceptable or if it's more desirable to have an actual nursing supervisor/charge nurse.

    Thanks in advance for your help. Congrats and good luck in the program!
  6. by   doulalove
    I have been working as an RN Case Manager since graduation, so not using any clinical skills. I graduated with an ADN, so that's why I had to make a portfolio. For references, I used the CNM that I had been shadowing, my preceptor in L&D, and my OB clinical instructor. You're welcome! I think you should go for it!

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