CNMs in the US Air Force?

  1. 0 While I am waiting anxiously for news on my application to a midwifery masters program, I am also thinking of other options in case I don't get accepted (just found out they have an acceptance rate of 36-39% - very competitive!)

    I am about to turn 45 years old. That is too old for most of the military, but the Air Force may take someone up to the age of 47. But, I also want to pursue my dream of being a midwife. Are there midwives in the Air Force? I was a Navy wife for 15 years and I do remember some midwives in some of the hospitals, but don't know if they were military or civilian. Also, will they send you to school for midwifery? I would love to not have a $83,000 student loan to pay off!
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