CNMs in NC??

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    Hi all...(mother-baby lurker here)

    Just wondering if there is anyone who can tell me anything about whether CNMs can legally do homebirths in North Carolina. A coworker of mine and I were debating about it the other night. I looked on the NCBON's website but couldn't find anything. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong spot....


    P.S. My next baby will be born with a CNM. You guys rock!

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    To my knowledge, there are 2 CNM's who have backup to perform homebirths in NC.
    One is near the Triangle area and one is in the mountains.

    you can get more info from the website.
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    I used to work at the Maternity Center at CMC-Pineville, where a group of CNMs did roughly half of the deliveries. It is a hospital-based birth center, so not quite the same as a homebirth, but a wonderful setting nontheless. If you are unable to arrange a homebirth with a CNM, perhaps you would find this to be an acceptable alternative.

    Good luck to you!
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    Thanks for the info!! :spin:

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