CNMs and NHSC or HRSA scholarships?

  1. Hello all!
    I'm wondering if there are any CNMs out there who are currently completing the service portion of a NHSC or HRSA scholarship. I'll be starting a CNM program at Seattle University this coming June and would like to apply for these scholarships...but I'm not sure if it's possible to find a job in one of the qualified areas as a new grad. I'm open to moving to a new area, but am hoping to have a bit of choice in the matter. Just wondering about how realistic this is, and if applying for this scholarship would make it totally impossible to live somewhere that I want to be. I'm hoping for Washington (anywhere near Seattle, San Juan Islands, or Bellingham), Oregon (near Portland, Eugene or Bend), Arizona (near Tucson), Louisiana (near New Orleans), Colorado, or Montana. Thoughts??
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  3. by   blackbird singing
    Although there are lists of the possible sites on their website (and I remember seeing one in Washington and one in Eugene, OR), you can also create a proposal for a site you have found, proving that it is a Health Professional Shortage Area. I have spoken with a woman that did this process. She said it was long and time consuming, but it was worth it because she got to work at a site that she knew she wanted to work at. And she was a new grad. I have always been under the impression that those that do this process are all new grads, but I could be wrong. Just an idea to be open to if you can't find a site on their pre-made list that is not in one of your preferred areas!