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Hello everyone, I'm a student, going to school for my ADN but, I can't decide whether I want to become a CNM or ultimate goal is to do home birthing..I REALLY do not want to work in a... Read More

  1. by   kenya1982
    This thread is pretty old... but I just wanted to leave a comment. I figure if I came across it, then someone else will too. Thank you all SO MUCH for these comments! I have been on the fence for so, so long about this. Hearing so many other people who also have a desire to be provide a physiological birthing experience that are choosing the CNM route gives me courage. My ultimate goal is also Frontier. I don't know what it is about that school, but I just feel so drawn to it. I think they will be a great half way point between learning CPM and CNM style. I want the stability of the CNM with the mindset of a CPM if that makes sense. Anyway, I doubt anyone will even see this, but thanks again for an awesome thread!