Can a CNM partner with a FNP who does not have hospital privileges?

  1. I have always dreamed of being a CNM. I have my BSN and just started working L&D. I always thought I would gain hospital experience and then go back to school and become a CNM. However, I live in Southwest MO where OB's DO NOT partner with CNM's and they don't have hospital privileges. Many CNM's are becoming CPM's because they can't practice. So I'm wondering can a FNP legally work with midwives if they do not have hospital privileges? Also, if you are licensed as a CNM & FNP do you still have to partner with a physician to care for pregnant women & do deliveries?
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  3. by   blackbird singing
    From American College of Nurse Midwives:

    Just curious, are you saying it's illegal for OBs to partner with CNMs? Or are you saying that it is rare? Also, how could they not have hospital privileges?

    I know that didn't really answer your question....I'm just trying understand your situation a bit better!
  4. by   88nurse2010
    It's not illegal for OB's to partner with midwives. The OB's just won't do it, so CNM's are unable to practice. My question is: does a midwife have to partner with an OB? Can she partner with any other medical professional? Where I live, OB's are the only ones who have hospital privileges. Can a CNM partner with someone who does not have hospital privileges?
  5. by   blackbird singing
    Maybe a general practice doctor or a family practice doctor? I found this thread, and the bottom line is that it seems they are required to have some sort of agreement with a doctor or hospital.

    If something goes wrong, and it is an emergency situation, it seems like it would be much better to have this sort of agreement with an MD that can take over. In other words, whereas you don't have to have a direct practice with an OB or GP, you need to have some sort of agreement with an MD (or hospital). So, you could have your own CNM practice as long as you have an agreement with a doctor.
  6. by   88nurse2010
    Thanks for the links. I think it's more likely to find a family practice doctor to collaborate with as they could always admit a patient & then consult with an OB. I just can't find the specific law in my state. Thanks!

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