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  1. 0 Hi everyone, I am looking for some advice as to the process of being able to practice midwifery in the USA. Has anyone made this transition or know of any sources of guidance ?

    thanks in advance

    Julia x
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    Hi Julia,
    I am also going through the same long and confusing process! I was wondering how you are getting on?
    I am a direct-entry midwife from UK and have been working in NZ for 6 years and we feel like a change! I have found that I could work as a certified midwife in NY, RI and NJ and go through a University program to cover any deficits in my training ie: American healthcare system etc. Certified midwives are not RN's but have university degrees and are licensed and regulated within those 3 states, therefore the most like a British midwife. However, I have gotten some info that NY now require a masters/doctorate in not sure about that.
    So over to you, how's your journey going?