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Hi! :wavey: I am 15 and I will be going into high school this year. I want to be a midwife in Texas and I'm not sure what I need to do to reach my goal. I am home-schooled so I think it will be a more difficult journey. I... Read More

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    I have been online searching for midwife programs in texas with a MSN and there are none, so I have to go out of state. What is the name of your online program?
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    Distance education programs (have to go to campus at some point):
    East Carolina University

    Hey don't worry about having kids and college.
    I started a Bachelor's degree right out of high school, quit school, had my daughter, started nursing school when she was 9m old, graduated May '04, had my son this past April, but I don't plan to start my MSN to be a CNM till my kids are junior high to college age so I'll be in my 30's when I finally become a midwife, it can be done you just have to want it.
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    There is also Philadelphia and University of Cincinnati....

    All of them require you to attend at some point but not for very long (maybe a wekk or two at a time). Very doable. I'm not about to uproot a bunch of kids and move them all over the country to go to school. That was my childhood and I'm not going there... thank goodness for online education.