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  1. Hello! I am moving and have 2 jobs offers. I have 4 years of coronary ICU experience. One is a day shift ICU float pool position. You know how float pool can be treated! The other is in the cath lab, where I would earn more money but I am afraid I will be board. I love the excitement and using my critical care skills in an ICU. Has any worked float pool or cath lab who can give me advice??? Thanks!
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  3. by   JeanOfAllTraits
    Speaking as float pool, I know just what you mean. Personally, I like the float pool. Its always something different and we get to work with practicallly every seevice in the hospital. I would check to see if you could ever be allowed to work with some of the cv machinery. Not being 'competent' im VADs, ECMO, CRRT, ect is sometimes the most frustrating thing for experienced ICU nurses who join the float pool, although you wouldn't really have those much in the cath lab either. I do feel like the float pool has a lot less drama than the 'real' units. I frustrates me more than I can say when other nurses talk about the float pool when they don't think we're in ear shot. I've heard "floats never help" and "we shouldn't ever let floats do..." and yes, somedays it feels like we hear "how are you keeping up with that pair, the _______ about the situation would drive me crazy!" more than we really should.

    At the end of the day, I like the ICU float pool. At my facility, its a great group of people and they honestly care about getting the job done well and understanding all the aspects of why the whole ICU works the way it does.
  4. by   lah130
    Thanks! That helps a lot! Right not I am used to working with all the gadgets and 'toys' (IABP, CRRT, impella....). I will ask to ensure I can work with those too. I ICU is definately my comfort zone. It is a full time benefited position. I just do not hope I have difficulty getting my 36+ hours. Do you find you have difficulty getting your 3 hours?

    One job is in a level 1 in NC, and 1 job is in the cath lab at the beach in SC......I feel craxy for saying I am leaning towards NC!