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Name that rhythm... - page 2

Hey you cardiac kings and queens... Can someone put a name to this rhythm? I was thinking a 2:1 AV Block, Mobitz II... Read More

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    Are we sure this is Mobitz II? This is a pt with ARF and is reasonable to suspect hyperkalemia. It looks to me like a widened QRS, inverted T-wave, and a U-wave. That non-conducting P-wave might be a U-wave.
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    The QRS is not wide enough for Hyperkalemia. It is slow however it also has a slightly inverted t wave which commonly seen in patients with dig toxicity.
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    ST depression can be caused by Dig...yup...had that one before
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    U-waves are associated with hypokalemia.
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    Second degree type II. Fixed p-r, then drops a beat.