MYNX Closure Device, any one else having problems with the NEW MYNX closure device

  1. 0 Hey all. SO My hosp. just started using the MYNX closure device a month or 2 ago. The MD's used to use angioseal, perclose or just send the pt. to my floor with a Sheath for us lovely nurses to pull, which is not my favorite!. Anyway, we had an inservice and the MYNX reps. came out from CA to NJ( my hosp is in NJ) to show us how it is used. It literally looks like those things you played with as kid, that you would drop in H2O and watch expand. The rep did this demo, I almost started laughing, the demo had club music and MYNX with a neon green and black logo . The reps told us there would be less sheath pulling for the nurses, yea right have yet to see that happen, and less oozing/bleeding post-cath then an angioseal or perclose, and less pain at the groin site, then showed us all the stats and data using MYNX compared to the other closure devices(reps, I love those inservices they give with all the charts and stats pushing their products and what not). So I gave it a chance, like any thing else we try. I noticed alot, I mean ALOT of post-PTCA/PCI groin site oozing, with the mynx closure device, more so than perclose and more than angioseal. Not like a bleed but a constant oozing for the first 6-8 hours, even after I have reinforced the pressure dressing and applied a sandbag, and called the MD. Angioseal is not much better with oozing but not near the oozing from the MYNX, perclose I have a decent experience with not oozing at the groin site. But NOW, the MYNX, is the ONLY closure device the Interventional MD's are using, besides sending the pt with a sheath, which there is no closure device excpet my fist, a pressure dressing and a sand bag applied post sheath removal. The other thing I have noticed is the pt.s are in more pain at the groin site with the MYNX then say Angioseal or perclose. Just wanted to know some input or experiences that you have had with the MYNX closure device, good and bad..
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    Well I am an NICU nurse but have been a patient in the cath lab 3 times. I had pressure held first time, very painful to stand and walk for almost a week and a huge bruise. Next time, the MD used a preclose (sorry if I have mispelled), pain at time of use but no trouble standing or walking and no after pain. Tuesday they closed with mynx, no pain at all, no trouble standing or walking and no burising. I only had a little oozing the first time. I as a patient preferred the mynx, there was n o pain and no problems afterwards.
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    Quote from chescat58, RNC-NIC
    Well I am an NICU nurse but have been a patient in the cath lab 3 times. I had pressure held first time, very painful to stand and walk for almost a week and a huge bruise. Next time, the MD used a preclose (sorry if I have mispelled), pain at time of use but no trouble standing or walking and no after pain. Tuesday they closed with mynx, no pain at all, no trouble standing or walking and no burising. I only had a little oozing the first time. I as a patient preferred the mynx, there was n o pain and no problems afterwards.

    thanks so muc for responding to my post. I have been waiting for a response forever. I am so happy that the MYNX worked for you!!
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    Okay, I could be wrong about this, but I'm doing my preceptorship at a heart hospital that does a lot of caths, and I had a patient a few weeks ago that I believe had a Mynx. It could have been an Angioseal, but I know that I had a patient that week that had a Mynx, because it was the first time I had encountered that brand name. Anyhow, a few hours after he had been discharged home, his wife called all frantic because his puncture site was bleeding and he was getting knots (hematomas) under his skin. I don't know what ended up happening in the end, since they had to go to their local ER.

    Seeing your post about the Mynx just made me think of this incident. Like I said, I'm not 100% sure that it was this particular patient that had the Mynx, but if so, it would be evidence to support your suspicion of this device!
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    I am nurse with cath lab experience and know that a patient can bleed with manual compression. I have had patients get up and walk to the bathroom that start bleeding. We don't know if patients follow discharge directions once they get home. Not sure if one could put their finger on a proper answer. Closure is closure and no company has given us the perfect answer but some can be more benign for the patient. The complication rate of manual is not perfect either, psuedos and hematomas happen. Hope this helps.
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    My experience with Mynx was both good and bad. The real basis for whether it works or not is (sadly enough) the technique in which it is deployed. We had some doctors that took it seriously and took to it well and had very little problems. The patients were up in incredibly short amounts of time and had little to no pain. Then we had the doc'd who felt like they had done one closure device they could do them all, did not perfect their tech and we had bleeders and oozers with them. The thing to remember is that in order to allow the Mynx to reform, you can't just throw on a 10lbs sand bag. We held manual pressure for a good 10-15 min and this would usually do the trick. A pain, but better than chasing an oozing site for 6-8 hours!
    If you are having consistant problems it is also the company reps job to train and sign off on the doctors using the device. Call them and let them know that they may have to come do some retraining. hope that helps!
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    At my hospital in PA, we've seen phenomenal results with the Mynx. Over the past 6 months or so, virtually all of our docs have switched over almost completely to it. The previous poster is absolutely correct. The physicians that take their time to learn the device and show some patience are the ones that it works the best for because it's so much different than our previous device, Angioseal.

    They have to be much more gentle and smooth in deploying it, but that is what makes it so much better for our patients. We've used every closure device that's out there, and we've decided that Mynx is, by far, the best for our patients because it's the only one that doesn't hurt. That's what surprises me about the original post, the pain piece, because that's absolutely nothing like what we see daily.

    I'd also like to know more about the anticoagulation that you are using because it seems like you are seeing using with everything, which is probably expected if you are using a bunch of extended drips.

    The other thing to keep in mind is that no closure device is perfect. Manual compression, perclose, angioseal, mynx, etc, none of them are perfect, but, when the day comes for my cath, based on what I've seen first-hand, I'm asking for the Mynx. Nothing in the artery, nothing left behind, no pain, sign me up.

    Plus, it sounds like this poster on a completely separate thread has had great results with Mynx at their hospital.
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    Haven't seen MYNX... our newest closure device is a starclose, which is what most of the docs do here... Beats the heck out of pulling a sheath and using a femostop, but they can ooze a bit... especially if the patient is still on Integrillin.
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    We have tried several closure devices as well and ran into similiar problems with the mynx, we use the starclose but it has its issues as well and multiple re-access is a problem. The safest and most reliable device we have found is the Cardiva Catylist II and III. It is very simple and leaves NOTHING in the patient. It is virtually risk free and as one of our doctors puts it - "it is an investment in my patient". We like it anyway.
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    Hello I just had a heart cath done on 10-23-09 and they used Mynx. Day two after the procedure I was in so much pain I had to return to the hospital, I was given pain meds and antibiotics. Now day five after the procedure I am still in a lot of pain (feels like a c-section) Doctor did and altasound, said everything looks fine and the pain is an inflamation due to the Mynx and should go away in about a month. He also said that I am now the fith patiant that has had this problem and that he will no longer be useing Mynx.
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    I myself just recently had a heart cath and the mynx closure device was used. I had the procedure on 4/13/2011, I have had pain everyday since the procedure. Some days worse than others. On 4/19, I returned to the ER for increased pain in my groin area and down my right leg, also experienced weakness in my right leg. I was admitted to the hospital for a right femoral vein DVT. I am 41 years old. No previous h/o DVT, non smoker, and do not take any hormone replacement therapy. My heart cath was good, with only a 20% blockage in one artery. Now, I am on a daily regiman of Coumadin for the next 6 months, and giving myself Lovenox injections b.i.d. until my INR is where it needs to be. I am also still experiencing pain to my right groin area with pain and weakness in my right leg, although the pain is not as intence as it has been. So, needless to say, I have not had a good experience with the Mynx system.
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    I had this Mynx Closure Device used on me 4 days ago and I can just now stand up, I have been is so much pain, had fever, could not sit or walk, the pain was all the way down to my knee. The pain was unbearable, this device did not work well on me at all. My doctor had to give me antibotics, my body felt like it was a war zone, the pain was horrific. I do also know that my Dr. has tried to get intouch with the company with no responce. My Dr has used this device twice and both times had the same problems.

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    The Mynx Vascular Closure Device is an innovative approach to vascular closure that, in addition to safety and effectiveness, is designed with patient comfort in mind.
    Normal Observations

    • A small lump and/or mild tenderness in your groin area.
    • Some bruising or discomfort.

    but you must Contact your doctor immediately if you experience any unusual signs and/or symptoms:

    • Persistent tenderness or swelling at the puncture site
    • Significant pain at the puncture site or leg
    • Bleeding/oozing at the puncture site
    • Increasing redness, warmth, bruising or swelling at the puncture site
    • Numbness or tingling in the leg
    • Drainage from the puncture site
    • Non-healing wound
    • Fever or chills
    • Any other unusual symptoms

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