Help-I really want to find one positin in CCU or Cath Lab?

  1. [color=#6600ff]hello everyone,

    please give me some advice.

    i just pass nclex-rn in il.

    my degree is bachelor of science in nursing,
    totally i have 16 years experiences, in ccu 8 years, in er 2 years, in picu 6 years.
    but i am not education in usa.
    i follow my family relocation to the u.s.a.
    now i am living in chicago.
    i do not mind to relocate.

    [color=#6600ff]i worked at hospital that is the top hospital in my country. it is a level one trauma, teaching hospital. totally there are 2909 beds and 5495 nursing staff in the hospital. i was trained a perfect hospital, worked as a ccu rn (level 3) in taiwan , as a key member of the ccu nursing team at one of the most prestigious hospitals in taiwan, r.o.c.,

    [color=#6600ff]i am a ekg instructor in my hospital.
    [color=#6600ff]i also really know well iabp.....
    [color=#6600ff]i took care patients with acute myocardial infarction, tx: urokinase, r-tpa, digoxin intoxication, cardiogenic shock, used swan—ganz get the patient about hemodynamics data,
    [color=#6600ff]external pacemaker care, temporary pacemaker care, permanent pacemaker care. oberive pacemaker dysfunction. i also educated patients and their family how to take care…… acute_care for ami care,and after ptca care such as obs complication, .obs ekg change, cardiac arrhythmia/ defibrillation…qc (qualit control)team leader, tqm (total quality management) team leader

    [color=#6600ff]my life goal is that i would like to seek a challenge position "ccu or cath lab" where i can leverage my ccu experience. further down the road, i would like to continue working and at the same time obtain a master degree of family nurse practitioner.

    i already sent some application in the each hospital' web, but i didn't get response.
    but i received a lot of phone call from agency to ask me to do travel nurse.
    i really hope that could find a ccu job.
    i really want to learn more.
    i really like a fast paced texching hospital.

    do you have any advice?


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