Electrophysiology RN??

  1. Hi All...I am a CVICU RN for many years but I am gaining interest in EP. I was wondering if there are any certifications, classes, ect... to take so I could learn more about the field. I have my CCRN but was looking for something specific to EP. Thanks for any help....
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  3. by   surferbettycrocker
    are you lookking to transition into working in EP lab? you could take a course on pacemakers and pacemaker concepts but did you work in cardiovascular surgical ICU? then you must have a good understanding of pacing concepts already iwould think?
  4. by   CJDQ
    There is a certification for EP, called the IBHRE exam (IBHRE.org). It has two parts, one for EP, and the other for cardiac devices, so if you're going to the lab, you should work toward the EP certification. Having said that, you want to save doing the certification for about two years down the road, because it is extremely advanced. For starters, it's hard to beat the book by Fogoros called EP Testing. Also, Medtronic (I work for them) has an excellent educational site called Medtronic Connect and there are training modules on there about a number of things EP related. It requires a free registration. The web address is www.medtronicconnect.com. EP is a different and wonderful world! There is a steep, long learning curve, but it's worth it. I've been in it for 21 years and it's still fascinating. CJDQ