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Recently left ccu after 7 years for a change. What a mistake. U can't take a critical thinking PCs nurse and expect her to rush pts out the door without addressing all the issues...I get told all the... Read More

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    So thanks everyone for your input...ive been picking up shifts in surgical trauma icu and love it....some people just arent meant for pacu and i am one of the i will be transferring soon....wish me luck i dont wanna blind side my present manger so I'm gonna tell her my plan.....thats the professional thing to Do right?

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    To Andrea2107: sounds like ICU is your niche! Sometimes changing units you find the grass isn't always greener. Welcome back to the unit!
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    I also found it difficult to go from ICU to PACU because it is a race against time and the charting in massive. I went to a largely outpatient recovery which I found nice because people are relatively healthy so I can focus more on patient recovery than their health issues.

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