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Hello All =) I just had a question for all of you who have obtained your CCRN. First off, congrats! I've heard about how hard the test can be, and it certainly is a huge accomplishment. I am... Read More

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    Every PCU is probably different but mine is considered critical care so I think it depends on the facility
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    I took it after 1.5 yrs in the ICU. Alot of questions are from the book material but the questions on drips and hemodynamics is easier learned on the job..
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    You definitely need to know hemodynamics. Do you have working knowledge of the normal and abnormal values of CVP, PAD, PAS, SVR, PCWP? What do they all mean? Do you know the most common ICU drugs and their side effects: Levo, Dopamine, Dobutamine, Milrinone, Nipride, Vaso, Cardizem, etc.? When would you choose Dobutamine over Dopamine? Why Nitro over Nipride? What's your experience with patients with DKA, HHNK, SAH, subdural hemorrhages, epidural hematomas, strokes, MIs, and everything in between? And I'm talking about when they are first coming into the hospital, not after a few days.
    I've worked in a level 1 trauma hospital in the Cardiothoracic Surgery ICU for almost two years and I JUST now feel comfortable in taking the test. There have been nurses who have been here longer who have failed the exam.
    So interpret it all as you wish but know that without prior working experience with all the above listed, it may be an uphill battle passing the exam. But good luck to us all!
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    Quote from StayLost

    AACN Website states, "The clinical setting [for CCRN candidates] may include, but is not limited to ICUs, CCUs, emergency departments, trauma units, interventional radiology/cardiology units, or critical care transport/light."

    I know a ton of ER nurses that have pass the CCRN exam.
    Yes because as you posted from the AACN site, the emergency department is listed/ considered a critical care unit. They deal with our critical patients first so of course they are considered critical care.
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    I will state this one more time. The only requirement to sit for the CCRN is 1750 hours caring for the acutely or critically ill patient. If there is a requirement for any specific practice requirement or having the required hours on a specific unit, please post a link

    Having said this, I agree that without critical care experience, the test would likely be difficult, but not impossible, to pass.
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    I'd be interested in knowing why the OP wants to take the CCRN instead of the PCCN. As far as I've heard it's also hard but without the hemodynamics.
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    My goal is to go back to the ICU. I do have some ICU experience from a preceptorship in school for 6 months. Thanks for everyone's responses
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    I think as long as you have the hours you can go for the certification. Good luck!!
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    The test wasn't that bad, but just remember when taking the test that 25 questions do not count. I've heard a rumor that the first 25 are the experimental questions, but I can't say for certain.
    Buy Laura's book of questions and also I did the PASS CCRN cd with 1500 questions on it.

    Critical Care Examination Review Revised: 9780962724695: Medicine & Health Science Books @
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    I just passed the exam as an ER nurse of 3 years. Never touched a swan, never seen an IABP. But I'm able to study and understand the concepts. It's very possible and many of the concepts useful to nurses working in any setting with acutely ill patients.
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    Way to go! I guess I should stop procrastinating and take the test
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    From what I've heard, there seems to be more prestige behind the CCRN as opposed to the PCCN. As a matter of fact, the last PCCN book I picked up was authored by CCRN nurses. Not ONE nurse author in that book was a PCCN. That strikes me quite peculiar.
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    my institution requires ccrn within the first year