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  1. Hi,<BR><BR>I'm working on revising our cath lab and EP lab dress code policy at our hospital in North Carolina and would like to know what other hospitals are doing around the country.&nbsp; At the moment we consider the cardiac caths "clean procedures" and do not require the circulator to wear a hat and mask but the scrub and doctor do for example.&nbsp; Most EP procedures are considered sterile procedures and everyone in the room is requires to wear a hat and mask along with hospital scrubs and sterile gowns for example.<BR><BR>Here are some of the questions I need your help with, regarding EP and cath lab dress code policies:&nbsp; The cath / EP member's I'm focusing on are the circulator and the scrub tech.<BR><BR>1.&nbsp;DO you allow staff to wear own scrubs or stricktly hospital scrubs?<BR>2. Do you allow staff to wear own warm ups such as fleece jackets?<BR>3.&nbsp;Do you allow long sleeve shirts under the scrubs or only short sleeves?<BR>4.&nbsp;Who is required to wear a hat, mask, eye shield? Scrub? Circulator? Both?<BR>5.&nbsp;Do you have to wear shoe covers?<BR>6.&nbsp; Do you allow long chain ID badge holders<BR><BR>Thank you for your help and if there's anything else not mentioned here that you are doing, please comment!<BR><BR>Thanks <IMG class=inlineimg title=Redpinkheart alt="" src="" border=0 smilieid="125"><BR>
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