Best states for CCU nursing jobs? Best states for CCU nursing jobs? | allnurses

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Best states for CCU nursing jobs?

  1. 0 I am a nursing student about to enter my senior year of nursing school. After my clinical and rotations through the various areas of the hospital I have decided that I would really love to work in an ICU. I am currently in an internship in a CCU for the summer and so far love the experience. My girlfriend will also be a senior and is looking to go to grad school to get her teaching degree when she graduates. We are currently looking at schools together and trying to find a solution that is best for both of us. I think a great first step on my part would be to get some information on which areas/hospitals would be most appropriate for me to get into the ICU either after moving shortly after I start in a different department, or straight as a GN. Does anyone know which states or areas are best?