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Hi everyone, I searched the forum, and haven't seen any postings on this since 2002, so I'm bringing this up again: :) 1. Do you typically prone ARDS patients on your unit? 2. If so, do you prone early or late? 3. Did... Read More

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    Here are two good articles...

    Fernandez, R... (2008). Prone positioning in acute respiratory distress syndrome: a multicenter randomized clinical trial. Intensive Care Medicine, 34(8), 1487-1491.

    Vieillard-Baron, A... (2005). Prone position improves mechanics and alveolar ventilation in acute respiratory distress syndrome. Intensive Care Medicine, 31(2), 220-226.
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    this was discussed in the MICU forum also:

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    Hi this is brandy west i had double pnemiounia with ards i was put into a coma for 3 months because of my o2 was so low i woke up but had 2 chest tubes trac i was on life support its been 7 years recovery very slow my streghth is very low i think i have post tramatic stree disorder from being so sick i have neroupathy in lefy foot know being in the bed for so long i woke up alone in a bed that was very scary the blood gas test where the worst alot of memorey lost touble breathing doing normal thingshave had 3 blood clots in lungs in 1 year they dont know why get sick in my lungs realy easily know thanks brandy
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    It's been a few years, but yes when I worked shock-trauma, we use to prone people as a last ditch effort to try and oxygenate them. There are always risk when proning a patient, risk of dislodging tubes of any variety including the ETT. I found it did work on increasing O2 levels but can't really say it did much for the big picture. As mentioned, it was always a last ditch effort when all else failed. Having said that, it only takes one patient saved to make it worthwhile.