Virginia Case Management-Can I do this??

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    I need some information...I am a recently new Nurse Case Manager. i have been an RN for 25 years and took this job after moving to Virginia a few months ago. I do CM for a private company-mostly Worker's Comp and am very confused and scared about crossing boundaries.

    My supervisor keeps saying there is no medical management in Virginia. I consider myself a Nurse Case Manager and cannot find anything on the internet about regulations/laws saying I cannot CM. What can a Nurse CM do in Virginia? Are we not supposed to assist people in getting their services? What are the boundaries?

    Unfortunately my supervisor is not a nurse and more unfortunate, I have found she does not always know the expectations/standard of care for nursing. I cannot get clear answers to these questions and am very scared I might be operating out of my bounds here.

    BTW-no info on the VA Licensing Board website either.

    I would really appreciate your guidance

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