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New grad jobs in healthcare consulting

  1. 0 Are there any companies or hospitals that will hire new grads in healthcare consulting/ case management or insurance ?
    Although I am applying for new grad nursing jobs as well, I am just trying to keep my options open and I am interested in eventually pursuing a career in healthcare consulting or legal nurse consulting. Thanks for the help!
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    As a new grad, I expect you will find it very difficult to break into case management. All case manager and /or care coordinator jobs require at least 5 years of clinical experience as well as a BSN, minimum. These jobs require very strong critical thinking, decision-making, and organizational skills that RN's usually develop as they gain experience in patient care. Keep your options open and expect to start out in your career gaining some clinical experience. Good luck!
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    I agree with 2dogs. Not to criticize you personally, but it is beyond me why an employer would hire someone fresh out of school into a role that requires experience as a bedside nurse. The stamina and endurance of nurses today at the bedside is proving to be very limited. I know bedside nursing is very challenging. I did it for a number of years prior to getting into the administrative aspects. But many people that go into nursing today hope they don't ever have to take care of a sick patient and their family. That saddens me. You will be a stronger, more effective, and enduring case manager with the bedside experience. In my experience, med-surg telemetry gives you the best bang for your buck, as it were. That floor gives you a variety of everything that will help you with general or specific roles in case management. Best wishes.
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    Thank you so much for your replies!
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    I agree with Mijourney, telemetry gives you a wide variety of experiences. I worked med/surg oncology for 6 years, then cardiac telemetry for 14 years prior to moving into care coordination. The LEAST amount of experience any nurse in my department has is about 10 years. The job description actually REQUIRES a BSN AND 5 years experience in an acute care setting.