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I am officially taking a job outside of the hospital setting and wondering how other nurses felt this change was for them. I taking a case manager job for an insurance company the pay is great,... Read More

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    I left bedside nursing after 10 years in the hospital - that was 15 years ago. I did not miss the holiday schedules, fighting for days off, grief from the administration. The only thing I missed was the money, and the freedom I gained outside the hospital enviornment was worth that. I am currently a Case Manager for the State, and I love it. I see a much different side to my patients than I was able to do at the bedside. I am treated with courtesy and respect by my patients and their families. I am treated as a team member by my employer and am made to feel like my contribution and input matter to them. Leaving the bedside will expand your career. I am not putting down bedside nursing, I am thankful for the 10 years of experience I garnered from the hospitals. I believe new grads who spend at least a few years at the bedside are much better nurses in the long run, and I can always spot a nurse who hasn't. Good luck, you will enjoy your job, it will give you a different insight on your patients. I once worked for an insurance company, and I loved it - we moved out of state, I did not quit willingly. It really changed my feelings about insurance companies, I worked very hard to deliver what my patients needed. Insurance companies don't want to deny basic services, they know it will cost them more in the long run. They just want members to do receive care in a rational and cost-effective manner - nothing wrong with that.
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    Hi MMC1213,

    I just applied to about 3 different ins companies and someone finally called me back. I suggest you keep on applying to as many companies as you can until you get a call back.
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    I have just accepted a job as a NICU case manager/UR for a private insurance company. I have 15+ yrs of bedside NICU experience and am familiar somewhat with what the hospital visits involve. Can anyone tell me how to prepare while waiting for orientation (which is very brief) such as good books to read. Also, can you explain the daily process of working from home. If you aren't visiting hospitals, what exactly do you do from home? I understand you are on the phone alot. Who are you talking to? Any organizations tips would be greatly apprercited too.
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    congrats on the new job!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck
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    I have been reading different postings on case management and thought that you might be able to give me a little insight. I have been a RN for 6 years and am thinking of leaving the bedside and thought of c.m. I enrolled in a class online a Kaplan U. and will get a certificate at the end of a one year class. what tips do you have for me on entering this field. Any info would help.
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    Good luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep us posted with your progress with kaplans!!!!!!!!! thanks!!!!!!!! seems they have A LOT of different programs!
    take care!!
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    I was a home care nurse and left for telephonic case / disease management for a large insurance co. I hated every minute of it. I felt so ineffective on the phone vs. teaching patients face to face. I think the members (we didn't use the word patient or client) hated me calling because they thought that "big brother" was checking up on them and they would get their policy cancelled. Also, I hated being tied down to my cubicle for 8 hrs/day. I lasted 10 1/2 months and it put me in a major depression. I know that sounds extreme, but that's what happened to me. Maybe I had that reaction because I was so used to being in home care and having lots of autonomy. Nurses coming from the hospital setting seemed more satisfied. Anyways, since then, I have gone back to home care and I'm much happier! The pros of the job are good benefits, no weekends or holidays, and very little stress (unless you find boredom stressful, which I did).
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    Quote from telegirl35
    I've been a nurse for 3 yrs now and left the bedside after just 8 months. I have worked for 2 different insurance companies in the capacity of medical review, pre authorization, and transplant nurse. I loved every minute of it and have been paid quite well. I just started working for another large insurance company this week as a Work At Home medical review nurse. There are so many different opportunities for Nurses out there and you will love the non bedside environment.

    If you don't mind me asking, what does a medical review nurse do. Cause it sounds interesting. And on top of that....it's work at home!!!
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    Hi I only have a coulpe months nursing experience,but I think I would love case managment as I have a backgroung in managment.How can I can started.
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    Hi everyone, I have been an ICU nurse for 10 years and am quite tired of the stress of bedside nursing. Today I am scheduled for a telefonic screening interview for a clinical reviewer position. There will be 3 months of office training and then work from home. I am kind of nervous about the thought of working from home. Anyone have any advise/tips on what to expect? Any info is greatly appreciated!
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    I worked in bedside nursing for 10 years and got tired of shifts and holidays and the hassle of working for managers who forgot what bedside nursing is. I left the hospital and discovered that nursing does not end at the hospital lobby. I worked in Public Health and am now a Case Manager for Medicaid. I love my job. I have come to know my patients as people and not just sick bodies passing through. Congrats on your job, it will broaden your horizens like you wouldn't imagine.
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    I know this is an old thread but I've been a nurse for 4 years, and now leaving the bedside for a UR position. Excited but scared, can totally related. The stories have been very helpful, thanks!
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