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Just wondering what exactly this is. I think is has to do with determining acuity of care but would like to see what case managers in the industry define it as. Thanks, Ginger... Read More

  1. by   misswoosie
    Just looking at this thread because I had seen a Case management position available and it mentioned Interqual.

    In this

    I take Remicaid for my RA, and developed a severe Pyelo. I had >18,000 wbc, fever >105 (Mckesson rounds up 1 degree for core body temp), hematuria and pyuria, and I'm immunocompromised, and I still didn't get admitted, cuz I could still take po (barely), wasn't vomiting, and succeeded at OP tx

    If so much relies on meeting all the criteria, and you were clearly unwell enough clinically (IMO and many others) , if you could barely take PO why do the staff not put up an IV to supplement your hydration which is bound to be inadequate when you are feeling so ill and would also speed up your recovery, especially considering your type of illness.

    Now I am beginning to understand why readmission rates are so high. I am thinking you are fairly young, but if it had been someone who was 75 they could have gone home and died, or been admitted with full blown sepsis needing critical care