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I was called by this company to schedule an interview for case manager. I've never heard of this company. Has anyone worked for or knows more info about them?... Read More

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    Quote from harley1022
    How were the interviews? They do a phone and a face to face correct?
    I spoke with a recruiter from a nurse recruiting agency on the phone the day before my face to face interview. I wouldn't call it a phone interview, but she did ask a few questions. The face to face interview was pretty laid back, I felt very comfortable speaking with my interviewer about my qualifications for the position. Of course I wasn't offered a position, so it didn't go as well as I would have liked.

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    I had 2 phone interviews with the recruiters and was supposed to have a face to face interview with the recruiter and a second one with the higher ups from the company. Unfortunately I couldn't make the 1st face to face with recruiter so they gave me a third phone interview and then a face to face with the company. I don't have a ton of nursing experience ( 2 years in LTC) but I have a business and finance background so I think that helped me land the position because it is very business oriented too. I'm very excited about the position.
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    They have just entered the snf PAC arena and so far I am not impressed because none of the case managers seem to know what their job descriptions are. I have been a UR nurse for many years and have never dealt with a company so messed up. The UR nurses are fine. If you have gotten a case manager position good luck.
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    This company has no idea how to manage anything. It's based out of Nashville, where all the UR nurses are. There are alleged case managers, or SICCs, as they like to call them, who are supposed to be based in the area and collaborate with SNF staff to improve outcomes for the members. So far, the SICC that I have worked with never worked in LTC and has no idea what PAC is. She has meddled and harangued me in every case, and none of the "predicted Discharge dates" were ever right. The UR nurses never call back to let me know when the person is covered through. I was told I would "be assigned" 1 UR nurse and 1 SICC. In the last month I have been through 4 UR nurses, and have been reassigned to a different SICC. None of this information was ever communicated to me. I found it out by calling them to ask about the insurance coverage on my current cases. Today I found out that 2 of the LTC facilities in my area have fired an insurance company as a provider for the facility because of naviHealth's incompetence.
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    Hi Navi health just came to my area. I was wondering if you ever found out anything?
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    Has it gotten any better?
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    NaviHealth is an amazing company. I have worked for them since the creation of the company (about 2-3 years ago), as well as the prior company which they bought, called SeniorMetrix (6 years in all). We have a great team of leaders who are very innovative and creative. They have great benefits and I believe you can't go wrong with a career with naviHealth. I would definitely check out their website and look at the careers section where it will give you a full description of the jobs available and information about the company.

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