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Continuing Education for CCM's

  1. 0 Ok, guys, now that I have my CCM, where are some good web sites for Commission-approved CCM courses? 5 years may seem like a long time, but the 80 hours of of required continuing education is going to take some work. Let me know what you know...thanks!
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    21 contact hours approved for CCM in a cruise out of New Orleans in April:
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    The best site I have found is It has over 400 hours of courses -- all related to some aspect of Case Management and ALL pre-approved for CCM, CRC, CRRN, CPUR, CPUM, CLCP and several other certifications.
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    you can also look at Everest Nursing (sp?) they offer cont. ed courses online and onsite I believe. I think their address is:

    They offer CM