CHF Case management

  1. I have to make a presentation regarding Congestive heart failure Case Management for my Continuum of Care class. What are some good resources regarding this topic. My presentation must include these elements:

    1. Target Population
    2. Disease state, condition, or risk being treated
    -why case management is needed
    3. Service delivery model, major providers if any
    -When and how services are delivered? Telephonically? Home visitation? Hospital or facility based services? For how long. Is there one major or prototypical provider

    4. Model origin or history
    - where did it start?
    5. Quality of care/outcomes standards, regulations, requirements guiding practice
    - describe the standards of care that guide the nursing care protocols being implemented. many are derived from the national entities such as NCQA, AHA, and ADA

    6. Case management skills/competencies and required certifications
    -what skills and certifications are required by RN case managers providing care.
    7. Goal Outcomes
    -For the programs you reviewed, what outcomes were they seeking to achieve? Were the goals met? Why or why not?
    8. Literature review with analysis/results
    9. Implications for staff RN practice
    -identify how the type of case management you have presented can be used to enhance the care provided by the staff RN

    Thanks mucho!!! des
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  3. by   MessyJessy129
    Hi Des!

    I was excited to see your post! I am currently a CSU East Bay (Hayward) student and am doing the same exact CHF case management project for continuum of care.

    I know it was 2 years ago that you did this case management, but I was hoping you might be able to give me some advice and/or tips that might help my group and I. We're a little lost...


    - Jess