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Hi. I live in Sacramento, California and I have been an RN for over 24 years. Can someone please tell me how I can get a Case Management, Utilization Review or Discharge Planning job if I don't have experience in those areas? ... Read More

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    That is a huge help!! Thanks so much!!

    Off topic here, but I have a old account tabby224, I joined on that account back in 01 i think, I posted a couple post and forgot about the account until right before I made this account. I tried to post with the tabby224 account and it just brings me to the page that I can't post possibly because the admin has me blocked or whatever. When I click on the admin help button, I get a username/password pop up box. When I put the info in, it just keeps popping back up. Just wondering if anyone knows why I can't use that account. Thanks for the help!!

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    I would love to know how to break in to case mangement I have over 25 years of nursing experience most of it is in the ED. I also have been doing MDS for medicare for the past 15 years but unfortunately this doesn't pay well. If you were me and needed to get your foot in the door where would you turn to . Luckily I have a NJ/NY liscense so I can work in both states any ideas would help Thanks for any ideas
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    Our hospital has a need for pediatric case managers inpatient. when I hired in, I wouldn't go with peds, it is not my thing. I wouldn't do UM, they never deal with patients; keep looking on hospital job lists and look for Case Management; you will find one eventually. Your experience is excellent.
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    Thank You for your input. I will look in my hospital ; ihave a er manger who doesn't like me so I need to find somnething else soon. (judi)

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