Advice in changing to 3M product for Clinical Documentation Specialists

  1. Does your hospital use 3M's CDIS software? We are a 450 bed hospital with a 3+ year documentation program using software that takes too much "clerical" time, has no encoder nor grouper, and does not link with the coding staff, so we are considering a change. Am asking for opinions from experienced CDIS users of the pros and cons of 3Ms CDIS system. In particular am looking for
    * automating, as much as possible, the CDS workflow as well as the reconciliation process with the coding staff.
    * overall pros and cons
    * pros and cons of standard reports and/or capability of development of reports
    * best feature / worse feature

    Thanks for any input provided.
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  3. by   fowl6991
    i haven't used the 3m product but i recently purchased chartwise to address the same concerns you have had. i have been more than pleased. we have been able to move from doing only medicare reviews to now reviewing all patients due to the decreased manual/clerical workload. i would be more than happy to talk to you about how chartwise is working for us. in case you're interested.... [color=#3333ff][font="calibri"]
    carla fowler, rn mba
    director, cm and cdi
  4. by   das5
    Thanks for your information. We are reviewing the web site in prep for our meeting with 3M.